Technical analysis and Weekly forex forecasts about the most popular currency pairs.

GBPUSD is raising after unexpected US economic data

GBPUSD rose during trading today, Friday, in light of the uncertainty about global economy due to the continuing of “Coronavirus” crisis. Russian President “Vladimir Putin” announced earlier this week that it had registered first vaccine in the world to prevent Coronavirus, but countries led by United States questioned its effectiveness and safety of use. European […]

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USD/CAD Likely Break the Support Near 1.3350 Amid Strong Improvement in Canadian Manufacturing PMI

USD/CAD Forecast & Technical Analysis United States – Institute for Supply Management (ISM) Manufacturing PMI On Monday, at GMT 2:00 p.m., the Institute for Supply Management released its manufacturing PMI figure for the United States. The ISM’s US manufacturing PMI measures the level of a diffusion index based on a survey of 400 purchasing managers. […]

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EURUSD is consolidating above the lowest level in two years

EURUSD Forecast USD rose on the European market on Tuesday against a basket of global currencies, on its way towards achieving the first gain during last eight days, EURUSD consolidates above the lowest level in two years recorded earlier in yesterday’s trading, this comes ahead of the release of important data on levels of confidence […]

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