The most important things to consider when choosing the right broker

Mohammed Abdelkhalik
March 19, 2021

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Education article: Choose a trading broker

If you have made the decision to trade in financial markets, the first thing that must be done is to open a trading account. With the countless number of brokers to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the best broker – especially since most of them offer very similar services.

Choosing the right broker requires attention to many matters that meet your needs and requirements while ensuring accuracy, security, and direct support. Because of this, you must be meticulous when searching for a trading broker.

How to choose suitable a broker

1 – Regulatory oversight

The first thing to look for in an online trading broker is a license from a well-known regulatory and supervisory authority because this means that the company is subject to regulatory oversight and operates under the regulations of that authority. This guarantees a level of transparency and more security for your money where you can hold the broker accountable in the case of any issues. It also avoids fraud and illegal activities.

Choose a regulated broker with a clean regulatory history. Brokers often display a list of their regulators and their registration numbers (which you can check on the regulators’ websites).
Here is a list of the most important regulatory bodies in some countries:

United States: the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

UK: the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.
Japan: FSA and Financial Services Authority.
Canada: AMF.

2 – Personal data security and investor protection

The broker must have reliable personal data security programs. When you register, you must provide important personal information that includes information on your bank accounts, credit cards, passport, etc. In the event that the broker’s communications are not secure, it is easy for customer personal data theft to happen.

3- the trading platform

It is essential for a broker to have a good platform for trading, as it should be easy and simple, and with many customizable trading tools and graphic indicators available. Among the things that should include stop-loss and automated trading features.

4- Trading and transaction costs

Trading and transaction costs can affect profitability drastically. As a trader you will pay transaction costs such as commissions, spreads, etc. every time you enter trades. Brokerage firms try to attract a lot of investors by offering lower brokerage fees, and they should ensure that the brokerage firms offer relevant transaction fees that are handled accurately and efficiently. Moreover, they must be able to give competitive rates to settle deals depending on the volume of transactions. It is best to look for a broker that offers the cheapest transaction costs; however, you should not prioritize lower costs over security and reliability.

5- Speed ​​of implementation

You should look for a broker who has speed in executing transactions in a timely manner and the best prices. In normal market conditions there is no reason for the broker not to fill your positions very close to the market prices you see before clicking to buy or sell.

6- Trading tools and educational resources

The best broker offers a variety of educational materials such as e-books, articles, e-courses, webinars, and videos. The quality of these materials may vary from one broker to another, and some brokers offer exclusive benefits to clients with higher-level accounts.

7. Customer service

As a general rule, brokers are not perfect. Sometimes you may face some problems and difficulties with your account, and thus you will need to communicate with your broker. You must choose a broker that provides you with excellent customer service at any time and in multiple languages.

Author Mohammed Abdelkhalik

Professional Trader and Analyst, economist in Financial and Forex market since 2004.holds an MBA from the American University in Egypt. Mohammed works as an economic writer and technical & fundamental analyst for many international Forex and financial trading companies in both English and Arabic on a daily basis.