The Most Important Tips When Starting Cryptocurrency trading

Mohammed Abdelkhalik
May 14, 2021

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Basic Education: cryptocurrency trading tips

Cryptocurrency trading has become an important issue in light of the terrible development in this field. Recently, many cryptocurrencies have spread, and many major governments in the world have tended to regulate digital currencies, as these currencies impose their strength in the financial field.

How to start trading cryptocurrency

There are two steps to start cryptocurrency trading properly, and the first step is to own the Bitcoin or the digital currency that you want to invest in, and there are many brokers that you can dear reader deal with and buy bitcoin or any other digital currency, but you must protect yourself in case The personal interview with them, you will pay them money in dollars, euros, or any traditional currency you agree on, in exchange for buying Bitcoin.

After you buy the Bitcoin that you want to invest in, you can start trading either on bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and this is the second step, after the purchase process from the broker, you will find in your wallet address the amount that you bought bitcoin, and you can convert from bitcoin to Any other digital currency such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and many, many more.

Tips to keep in mind for cryptocurrency trading

1- Invest according to your financial ability, it is best in the beginning not to take risks or borrow huge money to invest in cryptocurrencies.

2- Avoid anxiety and hasty decision-making in every deal, as losing deals may be successful in the future and vice versa.

3- Don’t trust the fake news about digital currency trading, which comes from some investors within some platforms or some through various social media, as you do not know the extent of their experience in this field yet.

4- Try to learn the field of analysis, whether technical or basic, you must learn how to analyze a particular digital currency yourself, or rely on sites that provide technical analyzes through certified experts in that field, and it is possible to use the technical analysis group that we provide to you daily Through the cryptocurrency analysis section.

5- You must learn from the mistakes that you made before, to be able to develop your trade because without learning the mistake will repeat.

6- Trading digital currencies and investing in that field should not be based on luck or guesswork, the successful investor and trader are looking for information anywhere to benefit from it, and it is possible to use the news section, where we provide you with news of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, digital currencies, Blockchain, as well as fraud news.

7- In the end, dear reader, you should not make trading digital currencies your concern, because that will actually disrupt your life, so you must, in your spare time, engage in various activities that are far from investment, and this allows you to review your strategy in trading.


Author Mohammed Abdelkhalik

Professional Trader and Analyst, economist in Financial and Forex market since 2004.holds an MBA from the American University in Egypt. Mohammed works as an economic writer and technical & fundamental analyst for many international Forex and financial trading companies in both English and Arabic on a daily basis.